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Sweep, the all-in-one platform designed to help organizations act on carbon and ESG data, has signed a strategic partnership with Axionable, the leading French player in the sustainability transition providing tech-enabled consulting services.

  • Sweep partners with EcoAct to help companies implement data-driven decarbonization plans
  • UBS Global Visionaries
  • Sweep is selected for The Next Unicorn Awards at VivaTech 2023
  • Sweep and 3Degrees join forces to help organizations build a credible climate strategy that makes business sense
  • We’re collaborating with France Invest to support the decarbonization of private market portfolios
  • International Potentiel Prize sweep
  • The Carbon Track: Our actionable methodology to help organizations reach their climate goals
  • Sweep CEO Rachel Delacour receives Berkeley World Business Analytics Awards
  • We’re launching Sweep for Finance

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