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Organise. Adjust your carbon programme to your company and value-chain, not the other way around.

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Map your reality

Whether you think in products, divisions or locations, Sweep mirrors the way your business is organised, making it easy to assign and track tasks, and visualise every action in one place. It’s a flexible system that we call ‘trees’, and it powers every interaction on Sweep.

Ready to scale

From start-up to enterprise, Sweep scales to a limitless number of employees. And from single sign-on to advanced APIs, it works together with your existing infrastructure.

Engage your teams

Assign a part of your programme with just one click – and give them access to all the tools they need to make a difference.

Work with your whole value chain

Link your tree with other companies to securely exchange data and collaborate on a credible net zero journey across scopes 1, 2 and 3.

Everything at a glance

The tree view brings all your climate strategy to life in one place. So you never lose track of what matters.


Assign teams


Connect with other companies


See where your emissions come from


Track your progress

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Measure. Make the most of man and machine, with smart interactions and strong automation.

Made to measure

Sweep is a power-tool for measuring your carbon emissions. Connect your data automatically and plug in to a vast emission factor database. Manage it centrally or get teams to measure their own emissions, and empower staff to take positive actions for the planet.

Once-a-year is so last year

Distribute the workload and automate the data gathering. That way, you turn your footprint from an annual chore into a modern, actionable business practice.

Designed for data and developers

Use our API, Javascript connectors or integrations to import data straight from your existing systems and services.

Double-checking done right

With flexible access rights and automatic approval workflows, checks and balances come as standard.

Power factors

With the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use emission factor database, you can make estimates to save time, or go really deep and break each emission down into parts.


Vast emission-factor database


Premium factors on demand


Create composite factors


Import your own factors


Reduce. Cutting carbon requires deep insights, scientific targets – and all hands on deck.

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Turn ambition into action

Sweep helps you set smart goals and lead initiatives to achieve them – both company wide and tailored to specific teams. Then it’s game on! Watch as everyone competes to hit their targets.

Scientific targets

Effortlessly set company-wide targets in line with the latest science, and break them up into sub-targets for individual teams.

Initiatives with impact

Sweep helps you identify the actions that matter, and turn them into initiatives, engaging your whole company and value chain to create change.

Tailored market insights

Benchmarks make it easy to see how your company is performing, whether it’s across teams or whole industries.

Coordination and control

Create targets and initiatives tailored to your teams, and never lose sight of how they impact your overall goals. Maybe even start some healthy competition.


Set individual targets


Let teams collaborate


Compare scenarios


Track progress

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Contribute. Manage your climate projects in one place, with a fintech approach to carbon finance.

Build a better future with better technology

Zero emissions might be hard work. Partnering with the right climate projects is not. Whether global or local, certified or cutting-edge, with fintech inspired tools, you can automate your carbon purchases. Or let your teams pick the projects they love.



Mostly removal


Let your teams decide

Allowing individual teams to pick their own contributions means they can tailor it to their needs. And it gets everyone involved and engaged.

Let us take care of it

Set a few parameters, from volume and price to location and project type, and our automated tools will take care of the rest.

Include all your contributions

Import project and carbon data from transactions outside of Sweep, so you can assess all your contributions in one place.

The most inspiring climate projects

Sweep is building the most diverse and innovative carbon catalogue, focusing on real impact. Every project has been vetted and comes with a transparent assessment, so you know exactly what you’re supporting.


Removal and reduction solutions


Local and international


Certified carbon credits


Projects pushing boundaries


Communicate. Create detailed dashboards and investor-grade reports at the push of a button.

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Business intelligence for carbon

Your carbon activity is the lifeblood of Sweep. Everything has been built to make it easy to manage, aggregate and augment your data, so you can focus on performance, patterns and possibilities.

Stay in the know

Dynamic dashboards across Sweep make sure you’re always looking at the right data in the right place.

The latest reporting standards

Publish and share reports that comply with the latest standards in carbon accounting, whether it’s GHG Protocol or Bilan Carbone.

Analyse at every level

Our analytics tools allow you to focus on what matters most, or dig into the exact details of an activity.

"Sweep is enabling the democratization of climate action for businesses.

We are proud to be among the first users of Sweep’s platform, and we are excited to continue making further progress toward our emissions reduction goals with Sweep."

Florian Palluel

Picture Organic Clothing

"With its marketplace, Sweep removes bottlenecks around carbon and climate pledges.

Sweep also promotes climate projects beyond certification, giving them access to a wide variety of potential investors. That’s truly innovative and impactful."

Bastien Sachet

Earthworm Foundation

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