Get on-track

Sweep has everything you need to track and act on your carbon.



Understand your impact

Quickly estimate hotspots and reduction potential.


Build a credible plan

Set reduction targets and roadmaps aligned with the latest science.


Get regular feedback

Keep updated with frequent and automated measurements.


Add depth and precision

Make your data more granular, accurate, and actionable.


Involve your employees

Empower your staff for better data and meaningful impact.


Work with other businesses

Connect with other companies to exchange data and encourage action.


Be on target

Consistently hit your reduction targets and adapt as you grow.


Make strategic contributions

Support projects that help achieve planetary net zero.


Report your progress

Create detailed dashboards and issue auditable reports.


Understand your impact. Quickly estimate hotspots and reduction potential.


Benchmarking and quick setup

From the word go, Sweep is built to make carbon tracking simple. You’ll start with a base understanding of your company’s emissions, using CDP data models to footprint your entire value chain.

Emissions details by scope

Import existing footprints

If you’ve already started tracking your footprint, our import tools let you easily pull all your carbon data into one place.

Scope data importer

Map your reality

Whether you think in products, divisions or locations, Sweep mirrors the way your business is organized. Which makes it easy to assign and track tasks, and visualize every action you take.

Company tree

Sweep Trees

Organize your data into a flexible system we call Trees. This powers every interaction on Sweep.

👀 See where emissions come from

The tree view is an intuitive visualization of your company, so you quickly see where your emissions come from.

🙋 Assign ownership to teams

Quickly assign part of your climate program with just one click – and give your teams access to all the tools they need to make a difference.

🧮 Use multidimensional grouping

Use tags and branches together to add an extra dimension to how you group your data across Sweep.


Build a credible plan. Set reduction targets and roadmaps aligned with the latest science.

Bridge construction

Define science-based targets

Set smart targets for your whole company, aligned with the latest and greatest climate science.

Targets charts

Leverage deep insights

Use data to guide your reduction efforts. Easily identify hotspots or gaps with digestible visualizations and reports.

Emissions tree map

Simulate reduction pathways

Test the impact a specific activity will have on your footprint, and map out scenarios to inform your initiatives.

Scenario simulation curve

Get down to business

There’s a whole catalog of tangible tasks to tackle your reduction. From large projects like switching energy suppliers, to smaller tasks like setting up a carpool initiative. And of course you can create custom tasks, too.

Reduction tasks


Get regular feedback. Frequent and automated measurements to keep you on-track.


Measure in more ways

There are a lot of ways to get your carbon data in Sweep. From CSV imports to automatic APIs, smart integrations, and powerful surveys.


Measure collaboratively

Send surveys directly to anyone – whether in your company or outside - letting you get data from lots of people at once.

Survey sharing

Measure more often

Set up recurring measurements, and assign them to anyone in your company. They’ll get a reminder when it’s time for measurements.

Survey frequency
Pascal Magnier

“Sweep removes the pain of data collection and analysis. All that’s left to do is communicate on our impact and take action to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Pascal Magnier

Marketing, Communications & CSR Director at Questel


Add depth and precision. Make your data more granular, accurate, and actionable.


Market and location-based data

Add details from your electricity contracts for the most accurate energy usage data. We support market-based methods (how your energy’s sourced) and location-based methods (the energy mix for your location).

Electricity sources

Use physical activities, not spend

Spend-based factors help you get started, focussing on the money you spend on activities. But as you mature, seek out physical factors that use your actual activity data. You’ll get more reliable measurements in the process.

Physical activities

Precise measurements for your scope 3

Sweep is optimized to link you with your supply chain and investment companies. Share data securely, and see it come together in one place.

Supplier by emissions

The full spectrum of carbon management

Sweep is the power-tool offering everything you need to run the best climate programme.

💨 Induced emissions

Track your company’s carbon emissions.

〽️ Carbon intensity

Map different types of carbon intensity for more nuance and insights.

💵 Internal price of carbon

Create a carbon tax and accelerate reduction across your company.

🙅 Avoided emissions

Account for products and services that help reduce emissions.

🪨 Negative emissions

Track the benefits of activities that remove and store carbon.

🌱 Carbon credits

Monitor projects that align with your climate strategy.

Flexibility for your factors

We offer over 35,000 emission factors from leading databases, including ADEME, Defra, EcoInvent, IEA, and the GHG Protocol - and even some we’ve created ourselves.

🔔 Keep updated

To make sure you’re relying on the latest data, we pull database updates and manage new versions of emission factors.

📬 Save for later

Organize emission factors for your whole company, with shortlists and recently used.

🗂 Go deeper

We get even more detailed metadata for your emission factors, like additional descriptions and uncertainty.

🙋 Create your own

Build emission factors from scratch, or compose them from existing factors.


Involve your employees. Empower your staff for better data and meaningful impact.


Survey employees

In Sweep, you can assign surveys to anyone in your company. You’ll help your staff understand the world of carbon, see their impact on the planet, and empower them to reduce your emissions.

Employee commuting

All hands on deck

Because meaningful reduction is a group effort. We have an extensive library of concrete tasks to help you tackle your emissions - and you can assign anyone in your company to work on them.

Hands on deck

Share the knowledge

You can share all your dashboards and visualizations with colleagues to show the progress you're making and bring everyone along on your carbon track.

TCFD report
Helen Nwosu
Company's logo

“Sweep empowers teams to incorporate sustainability into our core business, and build meaningful collaborations between innovators and changemakers.”

Helen Nwosu

VP Social Impact at Prose


Collaborate with other businesses. Connect with other companies to exchange data and encourage action.


Receive and share data

Securely connect with your entire value chain to get the most accurate data for your scope 3. All in a way that makes sense for your business.

Investments list

Empower your partners

Don’t just get data. Through Sweep, you can help other businesses start reducing emissions. Which improves your footprint, too.

Build a credible plan

Your data’s safe with us

We’re SOC certified and ISO 27001-compliant. Which is a nerdy way to say that the data for your company and value chain is secure with us.

Request access

Sweep for Finance and Sweep for Suppliers

Our supply chain and finance tools make it easy to identify hotspots and get detailed data for all of your scope 3. Even better, your partner companies can get started in Sweep for free.

⚙️ Easy setup

Quickly identify any emission hotspots with a modeled footprint based on CDP data.

📔 Industry aligned

Track and boost data quality for specific companies - aligned with industry standards like the PCAF.

📬 Spread the load

Send our premade surveys to automatically collect the specific data you need.

📐 Consistent data

Standardize the data so it all makes sense with your own measurements.

Res Witschi

“Before Sweep, a person with the patience of an angel had to deal with hundreds of emails and meetings, then manually enter data into spreadsheets. It’s confusing, especially when you work with thousands of suppliers.”

Res Witschi

Delegate For Sustainable Digitalization


Be on target. Consistently hit your reduction targets and adapt as you grow.


Track your progress in real-time

All your measurement data is automatically tied to your targets. So you can monitor how you’re doing in real time, and quickly adjust based on your incoming data.

Emissions tracking

Automatically manage targets

Spend less time managing, more time reducing. Assign tasks to other users, send reminders, get notified when there’s data to review - or have someone else approve the data.

Targets management

Adapt to change

To keep on-track, our scenario and simulation tools let you experiment with new initiatives on the fly. And if you discover something that works, easily set it up as a new initiative.

New scenario

Create some healthy competition

A little competition helps keep things moving. Assign teams to specific emissions or branches in your organization - they can easily see who emits the least and incentivize your company’s reduction.

Employees emissions


Make strategic contributions. Support projects that help achieve planetary net zero.


Support crucial projects

Our catalog is full of inspiring climate projects - carefully curated by our climate experts, who work closely with each project and the teams who run them.

Project to support

Create strategic portfolios

Whether global or local, certified or cutting-edge: Our team helps you curate a portfolio that achieves real impact, is meaningful and credible, and works with your budgets.

Contributions portfolio

Gather data in one place

If you already support projects outside of Sweep, you can import all your data to track your impact in one place.

Tracks list

Why we call it contributions

You might be more familiar with the terms offsetting or compensation. At Sweep, we prefer contribution – to combat greenwashing and put the focus on your investments in solutions that contribute towards planetary net zero.

Browse our catalogue
Contributions grid
Nicolas Hunsinger

“We invited all our team members to vote for their favorite projects. Sweep helped us to successfully and transparently engage them in our sustainability strategy.”

Nicolas Hunsinger

Director of Corporate Environmental Sustainability


Report your progress. Create detailed dashboards and auditable reports.


Intelligent insights, out of the box

Sweep comes ready packed with detailed dashboards and reports to give you great insight into all your emission data.

Emissions insights

Audit-ready reports

All our reports are aligned with industry standards, like the GHG Protocol and Bilan Carbone. So your data’s ready to be audited.

Emissions reports

Fully customizable analytics

With custom dashboards, you can display your carbon data exactly how you want it.

Widget builder

Extensive sharing options

There are plenty of reasons to share your progress. You’ll engage employees and show customers you care about making the right choices.

📉 Reports for auditors

Give auditing access to consultants and auditors, to verify and add credibility to your progress.

📊 Dashboards for employees

Share your dashboards internally to engage colleagues and rally their support around green initiatives.

📢 Progress reports for the world

Publish your progress publicly to show customers, investors, and everyone else you take your carbon seriously.

sweep hill illustration

A platform that scales with you

Adapts to you

Sweep is built as an adaptable system that fits you and supports your growth.

Progressive approach

Move from modelled to measured data, where it matters and when you’re ready.

Secure and powerful

Handle large amounts of data, all on a highly secure platform.

Expertise to guide you

Experienced experts guide you through your climate program.

Educational content

From the start, Sweep is full of content to get your climate program running.

Continuously updated

We’re constantly releasing updates that make the platform even more powerful.

Are you on track?

Our free assessment will show you where you’re leading the pack. And what climate action you should take next to stay on-track.

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