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Five climate business tips for 2022

Quality carbon credits, mandatory climate disclosures and climate leadership, here are five business tips to guide your climate journey in 2022.

More and more businesses are standing up for the planet.

At COP26, big finance players committed $130tn of assets to hit net-zero and governments made it clear that companies need to get their climate reporting together for coming regulations.

That could explain the EU’s record carbon price as companies start looking into their carbon footprint. And the rise of a new breed of business leaders, like Helena Helmersson who was named H&M’s CEO after heading its Sustainability department for 10 years.

But the science is clear: we're not on track to meet 1.5C and taking action has never been more urgent.

Here are some tips to help you anticipate the climate trends that will impact business and finance in the coming months:

📉 Focus on carbon reduction first, then contributions

43% of businesses are planning to use offsetting to meet their net-zero targets. It’s great news because carbon credits fund climate projects that’ll help us get closer to global net zero. But your contributions should always come second to your reduction efforts to run a credible climate programme.

💎 Go for quality not quantity with carbon credits

Carbon credits don’t generate the same level of impact. Look for certified and data-driven climate projects to ensure your funding doesn’t create more harm than good for local communities and the planet. With a focus on quality, you can contribute to achieving an equitable green transition.

💯 Back your climate action with accurate, transparent and comparable data

Investors are joining customers in pressuring companies to take carbon and ESG targets seriously. Build a science-based and data-driven climate programme that will help you and your network take impactful reduction action and clearly communicate your progress.

🗞️ Watch out for the latest reporting regulations

After COP26, it’s clear that countries will count on businesses to contribute to net-zero efforts. From climate-related disclosures to mandatory carbon targets, make sure you know when and how to report your climate impact.

🎋 Lead your industry’s green transition

A couple of meetings with your sustainability team is not enough to learn how to deal with climate impact. Educate yourself, ask experts, start or join forces with your industry’s climate pioneers.

It’s time to scale up our climate action. Your company and a large network of partners can make a difference in our fight against climate change.

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