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Get a real-time view of your supply chain emissions. We help you identify emission hotspots and prioritize climate action together with your suppliers.

Efficiently engage with your suppliers

Your sustainability and procurement teams can work together to build a climate program that tracks your progress towards your reduction goals. 

Together, you can take data-driven decisions to optimize and future-proof your supply-chain.

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“Making our measurement tools internal is critical for transparency. Our team uses Sweep to build meaningful collaborations between innovators and changemakers and affect industry-wide change,”

Helen Nwosu

VP of Social Impact

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“Sweep helps track our entire supply chain and simulates different materials and processes across all life cycle stages. That’s how we can create the most durable product with the lowest carbon footprint.”

Lucie Vareon

Sustainability Manager

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“Before Sweep, a person with the patience of an angel had to send hundreds of emails and meetings, then manually enter data into spreadsheets. It’s confusing when you have a network of 4,000+ suppliers.”

Res Witschi

​​Delegate for Sust. Digitalization

Sweep for Supply Chain helps you make data-driven decisions to effectively reduce your scope 3 emissions


Identify hotspots

Map your value chain and focus on your strategic suppliers. 20% of them are likely responsible for 80% of your scope 3 emissions.


Engage with your suppliers

Automate data collection for purchased goods and services, and send surveys that can help fill in any data gaps.


Share targets

Drive collective and collaborative climate action along your value chain by setting shared climate targets and monitoring progress.

Seamless collaboration

Sweep app: Supply chain emissions

Connect and automate the exchange of emissions data within your supply chain.

Supply chain emissions in one place

Sweep App: Suppliers by emissions

Screen your supply chain and identify emission hotspots.

Real-time supplier engagement

Sweep app: Line chart of emissions reduction and prediction

Collaborate with your suppliers, set targets and share reductions initiatives.

Climate-proof purchasing decisions

Sweep App: Tree chart of suppliers emissions

Perform carbon simulations to select the suppliers that align with your reduction trajectory.

Reduced risk

Sweep App: Improve data quality

Leverage carbon data to identify risks and optimize your supply chain performance.

Get on-track

Sweep has everything you need to track and act on your carbon. See all features on our Platform page.

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Still looking for the right data to get started?

With Sweep, you can start by modeling your supply chain using industry averages and identifying your emission hotspots. 

Then, dive deeper by sending each supplier a survey to collect their data. This is the first step to tracking your climate impact and working together towards your reduction goals.

Backed by carbon expertise

Sweep is built to comply with leading international accounting standards.

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Built for emission data you can trust

  • 💯 Completeness

    Help your suppliers measure all their required emissions.

  • 🔐 Data security

    We’re SOC 2 certified and ISO 27001 compliant. Learn more about security

  • 🔍 Transparency

    Keep a clear audit trail, with documents and descriptions for your data stored right in Sweep.

  • 🧭 Accuracy

    See where all your supply chain data comes from. And improve it with a scoring system.

  • 🎛️ Consistency

    Use consistent methodologies, like the GHG Protocol, for meaningful emission tracking over time.

  • Our customers are making a difference

    Here’s how we’re building a cleaner future together.

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    Emissions reporting – What are upstream and downstream emissions?
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    Five key takeaways from Sweep’s Supply Chain Webinar
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