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Sustainability is a unique challenge in professional services

Meeting sustainability targets while ensuring responsible sourcing and secure data management is crucial. Sweep empowers you with tools and insights to implement a comprehensive sustainability strategy. We enable you to streamline data management, meet regulatory requirements and engage stakeholders to reinforce your commitment to ethical, environmental and social responsibility.

Managing diverse portfolios

Professional services firms oversee a mix of portfolio companies at different stages of maturity. Comprehensive data collection from Sweep is a powerful ally.

Overcoming data availability challenges

Understand and overcome the challenges posed by data availability, overcoming gaps and inconsistencies that hide in diverse portfolios.

Navigating regulatory complexity

At Sweep, we help you navigate a complex web of ever-evolving global regulations related to carbon emissions, ESG disclosures and beyond.

50% of buyers monitor the environmental and social performance of external providers and business partners.

Source: EcoVadis

Our platform

How Sweep helps

Sweep is built to comply with leading international sustainability standards and regulations.

Transparency in reporting

Sweep enables you to maintain transparency in sustainability efforts and effectively report on performance. Clients and stakeholders increasingly expect detailed information on environmental, social and governance practices.

Meet regulatory requirements

Keep up with evolving reporting requirements and emissions targets by navigating local, national and international ESG regulations.

Integrate into core services

With Sweep, ESG considerations are embedded into your core services and daily operations, providing a powerful differentiator for professional services firms.

Customer testimonial

MARGO is taking action with Sweep

“None of our team members were carbon experts or knew where to start to measure and reduce our emissions. The clarity and accessibility of the Sweep platform made it easy to understand which data to collect and which partners to involve.”

Olivier Hemar
Partner and Founder of MARGO

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