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Only Sweep can support you at every stage of your sustainability journey.

A simple approach to complex problems

At Sweep, we understand that sustainability is complicated.
Our platform tackles your biggest challenges and builds a path to success.

A simple approach


Measure and analyze massive datasets from across your organization and its value chain.

  • Streamline sustainability data collection
  • Map data across your value chain
  • Spend more time taking positive action

A simple approach


Meet the latest ESG reporting requirements in dynamic business environments.

  • Monitor and report against sustainability data
  • Gain complete control for sustainability data
  • Consolidate all extra-financial data in one place

A simple approach


Go beyond disclosure and take data-driven action on your sustainability goals.

  • Move beyond disclosure
  • Implement a data-driven sustainability journey
  • Celebrate success with customers, suppliers and stakeholders

Built-in compliance

Sweep is built to comply with leading international ESG standards and regulations.

How Sweep can help

Support at every stage of your journey

Track your
carbon and ESG data

Take control of you data. Sweep uses the power of AI to streamline and automate Scope 1 and 2 emissions data collection in the most complex organizations, helping you tackle your most urgent sustainability challenges.

Understand your
value chain performance

See beyond your organization. Capture a detailed breakdown of your Scope 3 emissions to inform sustainability goals and strategies across your entire value chain or investment portfolios.

Meet disclosure requirements

Become a compliance champion with Sweep. Our platform gives you a comprehensive view of your progress towards meeting key disclosure requirements including the CSRD, SFDR, SEC, ISSB and many others. Our AI capabilities streamline and significantly speed up the compliance process.

Get audit-ready

Keep a clear audit trail, with documents and descriptions for your data stored right in Sweep, and use consistent reporting tools across the organization and value chain for meaningful emission tracking over time.

Set data-driven sustainability strategies

Sweep gives you a clear view of your carbon hotspots, pinpointing areas for improvement and making AI-driven recommendations, to inform decision-making. You can simulate reduction pathways to project the impact of your activities on your carbon footprint.

A data-driven approach with the Sweep platform

Create a single source of truth, even in the most complex of business environments, to take control of your sustainability goals.


Business intelligence from Sweep enables you to take data-driven action.


Sweep enables you to take control of your sustainability data management.

Financial Institutions

Measure carbon footprint across your portfolio and work towards joint sustainability targets.

Security guaranteed

We’re SOC certified and ISO 27001-compliant, so you can be sure that your data is safe with us.

Powering sustainability strategies

Qwetch Wholesale

Qwetch accelerated its carbon footprint calculations with Sweep

Withings Electronics

Withings leverages carbon data to build low-carbon products

2050 Financial services

2050 calculates the emissions of its investment portfolio with Sweep

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