A cleaner future for the grocery industry

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Leading the change in the grocery sector

Grocery companies have the unique opportunity to become the sector’s driving sustainability force through the engagement of all stakeholders across the value chain. From farmers and producers, through logistics companies, all the way to consumers, Sweep will support you in meeting your climate targets and help your suppliers meet theirs.

Sustainable sourcing

Manage the sourcing of sustainable grocery products while meeting customer demands.

Complex supply chains

Ensure transparency and traceability throughout your supply chain.

Regulatory compliance

Navigate complex and evolving ESG regulations.

Food is responsible for approximately 26% of global GHG emissions.

Our platform

How Sweep helps

Prioritize suppliers

Identify the key suppliers driving scope 3 emissions for targeted action with Sweep.

Gather your data

Streamline emissions data collection and reduce information gaps through supplier surveys.

Collaborative ESG action

Connect with your value chain, set shared targets, and monitor progress to drive collective climate action.

Customer testimonial

Prose is making a difference with Sweep

“Making our measurement tools internal is critical for transparency, as it empowers teams to incorporate sustainability into our core business [and build] meaningful collaborations between innovators and changemakers”.

Helen Nwosu
VP of Social Impact

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