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Rachel Delacour

Cofounder and CEO

Conversations with my grandmother and aunt always started with the weather. What is it like on your side? Being farmers, they really cared about it. But the exchange was always lighthearted.

Things have changed. Climate has become a heavy topic. That chain of reaction we’ve triggered could make life on this planet impossible over the next few decades. And our window of opportunity to fix things is closing.

Still, only few of us take decisive action. We’re held back by the daunting scale of the task, the complicated science, the ever-changing regulations. And we hope that someone else will deal with it. We’re saying, "Not my business".

At Sweep, we believe that it’s exactly your business's business. After all, it's our economic activity that puts greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. And the good news is that the companies doing the right thing (and by that we don’t mean just buying cheap carbon credits), are getting a lot out of it too: the love of employees, customers and investors. And a culture of innovation and progress that makes them thriving businesses.

We’re building Sweep to help companies tackle climate change the right way.

To empower them to take the task seriously, knowing that with our tools, the time and energy and resources are well spent.

To support them in making better decisions, confident that it’s the relevant data, an impactful initiative, or the most forward-looking carbon project.

To encourage them to be fearless, fostering transparency, honesty and continuous learning on their journey together with their networks and peers.

Sweep is our love letter to the pioneering businesses that are leading in climate action. And it’s our rallying call for every other company out there.


It won’t come as a surprise that trees are crucial to reduce greenhouse gases. But bear with us for a moment, there is more to this.

When we embarked on our sweeping journey, we talked to companies about their footprints, and discovered two key things. First, emission data is all over the place. Literally. It sits with different teams, and worse, is spread all across the value chain, from suppliers to manufacturers and distributors. And secondly, the closer to the source, the better you can manage it. The person in charge of a business activity is best placed to gather data and take educated decisions to reduce its emissions.

We realised that a good carbon tool needs to be usable by as many people as possible, collaborating on analysis and climate action. And so we built it. The result is a hierarchical database, capable of handling data gathering and workflows at any scale.

Now, here it comes. Internally, we started calling it trees. Because in the user interface, it manifests itself in the shape of an interactive, upside down tree. And just like a real tree, the infrastructure behind it can grow massive, is intelligent, and interconnected.

Pretty much all of Sweep is powered by this hidden engine that makes the software simple yet powerful: Settings are easier to manage because they automatically cascade down the tree. Emissions can be better understood with hot path visualisations. Contributions are dynamic because they can be attached to any point in the database. And we’re just getting started.

So yes, trees can help us build a prosperous future.

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We share decades of experience building business software, and consulting large companies on carbon. Now it’s time to use this to create a better future.

Sweep is a fully remote, calm, B-Corp pending status company. And we’re always looking for people that can help us make a difference.

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