Introducing Sweep

Sweep is your sustainability data management platform helping businesses to achieve their climate goals.

Our story

Sweep was founded in 2020 to support companies on their sustainability journeys. Headquartered in France and the UK, with a global presence, we build software that lets businesses take control of their impact on climate and society. From tracking carbon data across value chains, to easily complying with the latest disclosure rules, we’re here at every step.

Cofounded by Rachel Delacour, Yannick Chaze and Raphael Gueller, Sweep is B Corp certified and a member of the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, France Invest, and The International Emissions Trading Association.

Our team

We share decades of experience building business software, and consulting large
companies on their ESG performance and carbon footprint reduction.

Rachel Delacour
Cofounder and CEO
Raphael Güller
Cofounder and CDO
Yannick Chaze
Cofounder and CTO
Julien Denormandie
Chief Impact Officer
Jana Brauch
VP of Success
Renaud Bettin
VP of Climate Action & Sales Enablement
Daniel Barney
VP of Marketing
Freddie House
VP of Sales
Brahim Bouhadja
VP of Reselling
Kevin Valencia
VP of People
Fabien Goulamhoussen
VP of Product

Our investors

We’re supported by some of the most climate-conscious and impact-oriented investors in the world.

Philippe Laffont
Bernard Liautaud
Pia d’Iribarne
New Wave
Jeannette zu Fürstenberg
La Famiglia
Marie Ekeland
Tony Fadell
Future Shape
Nicolas Dessaigne
Adrian McDermott
Jay Simons
Bond Capital
Glenn Kelman

Our mission

Empowering organizations to accelerate climate action

“Every company is poised to disrupt the climate crisis and build a sustainable future. Those that take every possible action today will become the Forever Companies of tomorrow. Sweep provides the tools needed to tackle the complexities of sustainability data management, to accelerate climate action”.

Rachel Delacour, co-founder and CEO
Sustainability and business growth are closely intertwined
Carbon can be a source of innovation
Every sustainability journey is unique
Every company has a role to play in fighting climate change

Our impact

We’re planning to leave our planet better than when we found it.
We’re holding ourselves accountable to ensure just that. We are…

Enterprise à Mission

Choosing to be an Enterprise à Mission means we’re legally required to act on our mission. We have an external committee who advises us, acting as a scout, a stimulus, and sometimes a safeguard. They make sure we’re on track to achieve our mission – working towards environmental KPIs.

B Corp

B Corp businesses hold the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability to balance profit and purpose. We’re proud to be part of a forward-thinking business community – it’s an extra check to make sure we operate in a way that best benefits our team, our network, and the planet.

Using Sweep

We track our carbon footprint and ESG performance with Sweep to learn about our positive and negative impact, while setting targets to reduce our environmental footprint. In addition to using Sweep ourselves, we also launched Sweep School, which empowers both our own team and our customers to learn and implement decarbonization best practices in their organizations.

Leading sustainability figures from around the world

Our mission committee

Elisabeth Laville
Ana Busto
Former EVP Brand and Communications at Engie
Nicolas Reboud
Founder of Shine
Vanessa Laubin
Climate Expert at Projections CC

Climate Alliances

Sweep supports and connects with like minded organizations across Europe and beyond,
working together to forge a sustainable future together.

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