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Asset managers and the evolving ESG landscape

With ever-increasing regulatory demands, gathering, verifying and standardizing sustainability data across your diverse investment portfolio has become paramount.
That’s why robust tracking, reporting, consistency and transparency is crucial. Sweep’s SaaS solutions enable you to master the intricacies of ESG in asset management.

Managing data diversity and volume

As an asset manager, you handle an extensive range of investments, each with unique sustainability data requirements. Managing the diversity and volume of data is a complex task.

Navigating regulatory complexity

Keeping up with the latest compliance standards and global regulations is an ongoing challenge, with potential legal and reputational risks.

Meeting stakeholder expectations

Key stakeholders increasingly demand transparency and accountability on non-financial data. Asset managers must effectively communicate sustainability efforts and results.

ESG assets are on pace to constitute 21.5% of total global AuM in less than 5 years.

Source: PWC

Our platform

How Sweep helps

Sweep is built to comply with leading international sustainability standards and regulations.

Streamline data management

Sweep offers a centralized platform that streamlines the collection, verification and reporting of ESG data across your diverse portfolio. For listed assets, we can also connect you to an ESG data provider.

Increase compliance confidence

Sweep keeps you ahead of the regulatory curve by continuously monitoring the evolving landscape. Our platform adapts to the latest compliance standards and global regulations, minimizing the risk to your business.

Elevate stakeholder engagement

Sweep provides data visualization and communication tools to help you effectively share your ESG progress with key stakeholders. Whether it’s investors, clients or the public, Sweep ensures your impact is clear.

Customer testimonial

Coatue is taking action with Sweep

“With Sweep’s CDP-based assessments and surveys, we can get an accurate carbon footprint of our firm operations and estimate our financed emissions with both our private and public investments”.

Ryan Williams

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