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Drive a critical reduction in emissions

The media and telecoms sector is at the forefront of shaping the digital world – but with great influence comes great responsibility. Data centers, digital infrastructure, and global networks are the lifeblood of the industry, meaning energy efficiency and emissions reduction is critical. Sweep empowers you to optimize energy use, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance operational efficiency across your digital ecosystem.

Increasing energy consumption

Balance the energy-intensive nature of data centers, network infrastructure, and digital services with the need to reduce emissions.

Complex supply chains

Ensure transparency and ethical practices in the sourcing of electronic components, rare minerals, and labor-intensive manufacturing processes.

Stringent environmental reporting

Set and achieve measurable sustainability goals while communicating your progress effectively to stakeholders.

Digital is responsible for 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, now surpassing the aviation industry.

Our platform

How Sweep helps

Energy efficiency

Sweep offers data-driven insights for optimizing data centers, network infrastructure, and digital services, reducing carbon emissions.

Gain full transparency

Get a complete view of your supply chain, so you can quickly identify emissions hotspots and take action.

ESG reporting

Streamline ESG data collection and reporting, enhancing transparency and meeting stakeholder expectations with Sweep.

Customer testimonial

Swisscom is taking action with Sweep

“A person with the patience of an angel would have to send hundreds of emails and organize meeting after meeting to get the relevant data, then manually enter it into Excel spreadsheets. This quickly becomes confusing, especially when you work with thousands of suppliers.”

Res Witschi
Delegate for Sustainable Digitalization

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