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Sustainability is business critical for retailers

With over 25% of global emissions originating from retailers, the time for action is now. Sweep is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of sustainability, empowering you to implement effective ESG strategies, reduce your carbon footprint and align your business with the values of today’s conscious consumers.

Responsible sourcing

Manage your extensive, global supply chains to ensure responsible sourcing and reduce environmental impact.

Shipping sustainability struggles

Achieve carbon-neutral shipping while maintaining efficiency and affordability in your supply chain.

Balancing profitability and sustainability

Encourage responsible consumer behavior and making sustainable choices while maintaining profitability.

Less than 20% of retailers are currently on track to meet the ambitious emissions
reduction goals set by the Paris Agreement.

Our platform

How Sweep helps

Supply chain visibility and sustainability

By mapping your entire supply chain, Sweep enables you to identify areas where sustainability improvements are needed.

Consumer engagement and transparency

Sweep provides you with the essential tools you need for ESG reporting, so you can communicate your sustainability efforts effectively.

Data-driven decision making

To balance profitability and sustainability, Sweep empowers you to analyze consumer behavior and market trends to make data-driven decisions.

Customer testimonial

Withings are taking action with Sweep

“To improve our carbon footprint, we have to transition to low-carbon products. As an industrial company, it means changing our entire lifecycle. Sweep enables us to track our entire supply chain across the life cycle stages of all our products.”

François Regnier
Finance Director

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