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Your operations, ranging from resource-intensive production processes to complex supply chains, present both opportunities and challenges on the path to ESG success.
By engaging all your stakeholders, from suppliers and producers to logistics partners and consumers, you can lead the charge in sustainable manufacturing. Sweep empowers you to implement a collaborative reduction strategy.

Complex supply chains

Your intricate global supply chain can make it challenging to trace and manage sustainability data across all components.

Resource-intensive processes

Resource-intensive manufacturing often requires substantial investments to transition to sustainable practices.

Regulatory and reporting burden

Keeping up with evolving ESG regulations and standards across jurisdictions can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

76% of manufacturers are at the planning or foundational stages of supply chain ESG maturity.

Our platform

How Sweep helps

Emission source identification

Sweep helps you pinpoint emission hotspots within your manufacturing processes using CDP-based benchmarks.

Value chain mapping

Map your intricate manufacturing value chain and identify the strategic suppliers responsible for a significant portion of your Scope 3 emissions.

Supply chain screening

Screen your manufacturing supply chain to uncover emission hotspots and areas for improvement.

Customer testimonial

Withings is taking action with Sweep

“Eco-designing products takes time. You have to test different materials and processes across all life cycle stages to find the optimal configuration to create the most durable product with the lowest carbon footprint overall. Sweep helps us simulate these changes to inform the development of our low-carbon products and optimize our overall climate strategy.”

François Regnier
Finance Director, Withings

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