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Banks are facing mounting ESG challenges

With 40% of global banking assets pledged to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, the need for active carbon footprint management is undeniable. 

As a bank, you're not just a service provider; you're a trailblazer in a new era of climate action.

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increasing regulatory complexity

You find yourself navigating a complex web of ever-evolving global regulations related to carbon emissions and ESG disclosures.

Measuring Scope 3 emissions

Banks must engage suppliers to quantify and reduce upstream and downstream emissions – as well as measuring their financed emissions.

Integrating carbon into capital allocation

This involves not only assessing traditional financial indicators but also integrating novel intensity-based carbon metrics effectively.


Banks with better aggregate ESG scores have higher return on assets and return on equity.

Source: CFA Institute

How Sweep can help

Sweep is built to comply 
with leading international ESG standards and regulations.

✅ Compliance made easy

Sweep simplifies the process of navigating evolving regulations, providing automated data collection and real-time updates to ensure compliance with evolving standards.

Collaboration on Scope 3

Sweep equips you with the tools to measure and manage emissions across your entire value chain.

Advanced metrics

Sweep's data-driven insights provide you with advanced intensity-based metrics, ensuring carbon considerations align with your allocation strategies.

Our solutions

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Gather data, analyse hotspots, and create a reduction strategy in one platform.

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Get a real-time view of your supply chain emissions and prioritize climate action with your suppliers.

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We help you comply with key ESG regulations and standards, including the SFDR – all in a matter of weeks.

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all-in-one ESG solution?

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Sweep helps you get your carbon on-track

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