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Supporting private equity firms, VCs and hedge funds to measure their portfolio emissions and meet evolving requirements.

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Private market participants face increasing LP expectations

LPs now demand a rigorous measurement of carbon emissions for your portfolio companies, in line with industry imperatives, and regulatory mandates. 

Navigating this landscape means reporting to global standards such as the GHG Protocol and SFDR. That’s why you need the right software to manage the process effectively. 

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A diverse portfolio

You oversee a mix of portfolio companies at different stages of maturity. Ensuring comprehensive emissions data collection can be particularly challenging.

Data availability

Data availability poses a challenge for many private equity firms, given the inconsistencies and gaps in ESG data across diverse portfolios.

Regulatory complexity

Private market players must navigate a complex web of ever-evolving global regulations related to carbon emissions and ESG disclosures.

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75% of private equity investors said they assess ESG materiality for individual companies.

Source: CFA Institute

How Sweep can help

Sweep is built to comply 
with leading international ESG standards and regulations.

Measurement simplified

Sweep offers customizable solutions for managers with broad portfolios. From robust data collection processes to tailored reporting methods, we have you covered.

Data gaps addressed

Sweep is optimized to link you with your investment companies. Share data securely, and see it come together in one place for easy measurement.

✅ Compliance made easy

Sweep simplifies the process of navigating evolving regulations, providing automated data collection and real-time updates to ensure compliance with evolving standards.

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Our solutions

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Gather data, analyse hotspots, and create a reduction strategy in one platform.

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Get a real-time view of your supply chain emissions and prioritize climate action with your suppliers.

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We help you comply with key ESG regulations and standards, including the SFDR – all in a matter of weeks.

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all-in-one ESG solution?

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Track, report and act

Sweep helps you get your carbon on-track

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