Supporting retail companies to measure their carbon footprint and meet evolving requirements.

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Sustainability is a business imperative for retailers

With over 25% of global emissions originating from retailers, the time for action has come. Sweep is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of sustainability, empowering you to implement effective ESG strategies, reduce your environmental footprint, and align your business with the values of today's conscious consumers.

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Responsible sourcing

Managing your extensive, global supply chains to ensure responsible sourcing and reduce environmental impact can be daunting.

Shipping sustainability struggles

Achieving carbon-neutral shipping while maintaining efficiency and affordability in your supply chain can be an uphill battle for retailers.

Balancing profitability and sustainability

Encouraging responsible consumer behavior and making sustainable choices while maintaining profitability can be a delicate balancing act.

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Less than 20% of retailers are currently on track to meet the ambitious emissions reduction goals set by the Paris Agreement.

Source: World Retail Congress Report

How Sweep can help

Sweep is built to comply 
with leading international ESG standards and regulations.

Supply chain visibility and sustainability

By mapping your entire supply chain, Sweep enables you to identify areas where sustainability improvements are needed.

Consumer engagement and transparency

Sweep provides you with the essential tools you need for ESG reporting, so you can communicate your sustainability efforts effectively.

Data-driven decision-making

To balance profitability and sustainability, Sweep empowers you with data-driven insights. You can analyze consumer behavior, and market trends to make informed decisions.

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Our solutions

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Our carbon accounting software supports you at every step of your sustainability journey, from gathering data, to creating a reduction strategy.

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Get a real-time view of your supply chain emissions and prioritize climate action with your suppliers.

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We help you comply with key ESG regulations and standards, including the SFDR – all in a matter of weeks.

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all-in-one ESG solution?

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Sweep helps you get your carbon on-track

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