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World of Books effectively streamlined carbon data collection

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The UK's largest seller of used books online and Certified B Corporation
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10 November 2023

“If you’re part of a small sustainability team, you don’t feel alone when you’re working with Sweep. You’re supported throughout your entire journey.”

Hannah Clevett

Impact Manager at World of Books


World of Books Group, a leading global seller of used books online, is a pioneering brand in the transition to a circular economy. Comprising the Wob, Ziffit, and Shopiago brands in the UK, and Second Sale and Sell Back Your Book brands in the US, the company is driven by a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Founded by passionate book lovers, its innovative approach has saved 26,000 tonnes of new paper in the UK, equivalent to 450,000 trees, in just one year. The company partners with over 4,000 shops across 600 charities, boosting revenues for good causes and minimizing waste disposal costs through the purchase of surplus books. Unusable books are either recycled or donated to various charitable endeavors in the UK, Africa and beyond. 


World of Books Group was committed to quantifying its carbon data to support its goal of becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2022. A B Corp since 2019, they began formally recording carbon emissions, starting with Scope 1 and 2 and later expanding to Scope 3. They initially used manual methods to measure emissions which included tracking data in Excel sheets and updating emission factors from the UK Government list. This was time-consuming and stressful for a two person carbon management team, who were managing the carbon data of a 600 employee company with multiple sites.


Hannah says: “Sweep simplified the complex process of measuring and managing emissions, especially for a company with multiple sites and ambitious growth plans.” The team particularly benefited from the platform's automated features, eliminating the hassle of manual data entry and the tedious task of updating emission factors. 

The ease of data input through engaging surveys was a game-changer. World of Books Group now relies on Sweep’s surveys for end-to-end supplier data collection, and appreciates the fact that these are easy to personalize and avoid technical jargon, which can be off-putting for many.

Sweep's visual overview progress towards targets and trajectory mapping tools, empowers World of Books Group to clearly map their path to Net Zero. The company’s Impact Committee, involving key stakeholders working on the company’s sustainability strategy, benefits from these visualizations, which enable interactive decision-making during meetings. 

Looking ahead, World of Books Group is looking to use Sweep’s software to increase the accuracy of its measurements - moving from spend-based data to activity data. In Hannah’s words, "Sweep makes you feel supported throughout your entire journey in the carbon minefield."

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