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Sweep Updates

Hello COP26!

Sweep will be at COP26 in Glasgow, stirring up collective climate efforts, so we move from pledges to real action.

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned since we started digging into carbon data, it’s that it all comes down to collaboration. With your team. Your investors. Your supply chain partners. The world.

The business of climate – and carbon management – is overwhelming. So let's support each other in our reduction journeys.

And what better way to do this at COP26? Let's meet up to talk about building a greener future together.

Here’s what we are up to:

🌎 Find us at the #TechForOurPlanet stand in the Green Zone

COP26 is the place to meet, share and learn from our individual climate expertise. Come say hi to our founders and team of carbon experts.

🎢 Meet the new generation of climate tech solutions at #TechForOurPlanet

Our big presentation (yes, big, on the IMAX screen) is on 11 Nov from 6 to 8pm. We'll pitch Sweep as a green finance solution, allowing financial organisations to lead our collective journey to decarbonise.

☕ Let's connect IRL

Business builders, startup founders, sustainability leaders and policy makers, we have a unique opportunity to be gathered in the same place. We’d love to meet up. Drop us a note to Cecile at cbussy@sweep.net


We will update this page with more activities and updates as we get going in Glasgow, so make sure to check in again. Happy COP!

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