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Sweep Updates

$100M to decarbonize corporate and financial organizations

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Rachel Delacour, Cofounder


Sweep Updates


05 April 2022

12 months, $100M raised, a growing team across Europe and the US: We’re starting our next chapter with more power to help corporate and financial organizations lead their industry’s low-carbon transition.

It’s exactly 12 months since we publicly launched Sweep. Around this time last year, we nervously pressed the button that unveiled months of discussions, engineering, and iterations. Entrepreneurs reading this will know how exciting this feels.

A year later, I’m optimistic about our race against climate change: Carbon management is (finally!) becoming top of mind across all industries.

More CEOs are seeking to climate-proof their companies; investors are demanding more accurate reporting; governments are developing regulations to bring more accountability to the world of carbon.

In the midst of all that, we’re announcing our $73M Series B, bringing our total funding to $100M. But forget the numbers – it’s about who we’re building Sweep with.

From the start, my cofounders and I agreed to surround ourselves with the best minds. That’s true for our brilliant team of Sweepers and the choice of investors.

Led by global investment firm Coatue, this new round saw the participation of iPod and iPhone inventor Tony Fadell and all our existing investors. It’s a true privilege to build our carbon management platform with the support of respected tech figures in the US and Europe.

We all came together because our window for climate action is getting smaller and we need to build solutions fast to protect our future. Sweep’s rapid growth reflects this urgency.

“As a growing number of companies embark on their climate commitments, they need data and science-based solutions to power them forward,” said Philippe Laffont, Coatue’s founder. “We believe Sweep is the leading technology in this competitive landscape, effectively supporting sustainability efforts from measuring and target-setting, to reducing and reporting.”

Our business intelligence to carbon management connects the dots across your entire organization and your network of partners so you can focus on taking impactful actions together.

Time to Sweep!

Rachel Delacour


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