Arcadia partners with Sweep, its first EU-based sustainability software vendor partner

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April 26, 2024

Arcadia, the technology company connecting the clean energy future, is partnering with Sweep, the sustainability data management platform, to streamline carbon and ESG metrics in one place. This partnership marks Arcadia’s expansion into Europe with its first EU-based software vendor partner. 

Arcadia’s new DataHub solution, combined with Sweep’s powerful and secure platform, will automate Scope 1 and 2 data collection. This automation eliminates the need for time-consuming manual effort, helping Sweep users manage new ESG disclosure requirements and take action to meet sustainable business goals. 

Here’s how the partnership works:

  • Arcadia’s DataHub solution provides aggregated meter usage data to the meter or site level; its ESG tables also standardize units of measure and calendarize usages. 
  • That dataset will be integrated with Sweep’s platform for GHG calculations, Scope 1 and 2 measurements, and additional carbon reporting analytics. 

“We are delighted to bring together the power of Sweep with Arcadia’s innovative automation tools,” said Sweep’s CEO and co-founder Rachel Delacour. “This partnership will help our clients understand the largest volumes of data from across their businesses, and empower them with new insights to meet disclosure requirements, such as the CSRD and SEC rules, in challenging business environments.”

“We’re proud that our comprehensive energy dataset is now part of Sweep’s best-in-class sustainability platform,” said Alexa Minerva, VP of Partnerships at Arcadia. “With this collaboration, we’re continuing to grow our partner ecosystem to include yet another industry leader.”

 About Sweep

Sweep is the sustainability data management platform. Its market-leading, AI-powered software helps organizations understand all extra-financial data across their business and value chain to manage increasing disclosure requirements and take action to meet sustainable business goals.

Co-founded by Rachel Delacour, Yannick Chaze and Raphael Guller, Sweep partners with enterprise, midmarket and financial institutions across the world, with customers including L’Oreal, Lacoste, and Hewlett Packard. Sweep is B Corp certified and a member of the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, France Invest and The International Emissions Trading Association.

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About Arcadia

Arcadia is a climate technology company connecting the clean energy future. Our data platform unlocks global energy data for businesses, powering solutions to drive electrification and decarbonization. Founded in 2014 on the belief that everyone deserves access to clean energy, Arcadia also manages the nation’s leading community solar program. Learn more at 

Sweep can help

Sweep is a carbon and ESG management platform that empowers businesses to meet their sustainability goals.

Using our platform, you can:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your carbon footprint.
  • Get a real-time overview of your supply chain and ensure that your suppliers meet your sustainability targets.
  • Reach full compliance with the CSRD and other key ESG legislation in a matter of weeks.
  • Ensure your sustainability information is reliable by having it verified by a third party before going public.

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