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18 May 2022

We’re heading to the world’s largest event for the planet with a deep sense of responsibility. 

Paris is summer hot and set to reach a record 37°C this month. France is experiencing a severe drought that could put even more pressure on the European and global food supply. And global warming of above 1.5C is increasingly within reach

What a perfect time for ChangeNOW as it gives innovators, corporates, activists, artists, and government officials the opportunity to further unite and find solutions to build a cleaner future together. Join up! 

1. Move from targets to action

The ABC of carbon footprint
Learn about the combined power of business intelligence, collaboration, and humility to stir up climate action at our CEO Rachel Delacour’s opening keynote speech.
📅 Thursday 19, May at 10 AM at the Eiffel stage

Climate Compass – Mapping our journey to a cleaner future
Come to our private event to hear the likes of HP Amplify Impact, BNP Paribas, and Nestle France talk about building and implementing a reduction roadmap.
📅 Thursday 19, May from 7 PM at the Eiffel stage

The power of networks to create a climate chain re[action]
Get your hands into the carbon accounting game with our interactive workshop: our carbon experts Claire BetbederSébastien Girault, and Renaud Bettin will show you how Sweep can help companies move from a generic to precise, customized carbon footprint.
📅 Friday 19, May at 10 AM at the West side workshop

2. Discuss innovative solutions with climate leaders

The Race to Zero and beyond
Find out how the joint leadership of politics and corporates can play a major role in accelerating the low-carbon transition of the economy – with Renaud Bettin, Antoine Sire of BNP Paribas, Melanie Jamieson of Leaders'​ Quest, and Sally Smith of Upfield.
📅 Thursday 19, May at 3 PM at the Sunrise stage

The launch of climate dividends
Discover this new way of investing in climate positive projects: hold shareholder rights, get ‘paid’ in CO2 removed, and contribute to the low-carbon transition – as the founders Renaud Bettin, Emma Scribe of Time for the Planet, and César Dugast of Carbone4 will explain.
📅 Friday 20, May at 3:30 PM at the Canopy stage 

3. Connect with us

Say hi at our booth in the carbon removal area
Let’s talk about your climate journeys, low-carbon solutions, and partnerships that are moving the needle in the right direction. And meet our team of Sweepers.
📅 Thursday 19, May – Saturday 21, May 

Set up a 1:1 with our leadership team
Seize the opportunity to meet Sweep’s leadership team in person and discuss our vision, insights, and shared opportunities. Email us to meet Rachel Delacour, Renaud Bettin, cofounder Raphael Güller, VP Climate Finance Marie-Anne Vincent, and Head of Sales Henri Metzger.
📅 From Thursday 19, May – Saturday 21, May

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