Three takeaways from Vivatech: Data, networks, and compliance

Raphael GüllerCofounder and CPO
Rachel DelacourCofounder and CEO
20 June 2023

From sharing ESG insights with our partners AWS, KPMG, BNPP, and Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to speaking with French President Emmanuel Macron about the role of tech in fighting climate change, we’re coming out of VivaTech positive about our future. 

Last week, CEO Rachel Delacour and CDO Raphael Gueller spoke at Vivatech, Europe’s leading tech event, alongside leading tech figures including Elon Musk of Tesla, Corine de Bilbao of Microsoft France, and Arianna Simpson of Andreessen Horowitz. 

A lot of our discussions were about the EU’s sustainability reporting regulations (CSRDSFDR), the role of technology in accelerating decarbonization, and how leaders and their organizations can play an active part in the green transition. 

Are you also looking to lead the change? Here’s where you can start: 

Collaboration to reduce our global footprint 

Build a multi-stakeholder sustainability strategy that includes employees, service providers, suppliers, and portfolio companies. At Vivatech, our cofounders Rachel Delacour and Raphael Gueller spoke about the benefits of partnering with AWS, Workiva, and BNP Paribas. We work together to provide tools and resources that will empower our customers to take effective climate action.

Carbon and ESG data is king ⁠

You can see sustainability reporting regulations as a pain. Or an opportunity. If you ask us – and our friends at KPMG – every company should go beyond reporting. Use ESG insights to optimize your operations and drive innovation. For instance, health tech product company Withings leverages carbon data to inform R&D and design eco-friendly products.  

Track. Report. Improve. 

Don’t be afraid to start with estimates. From there, you can focus on collecting missing data, mobilizing your network, and improving the impact of sustainable action. That’s why you need to start early to be able to fulfill compliance requirements and stay true to your climate pledge. 

The good news is that data-driven technology can now help you do all of the above. This is how businesses like Saint-Gobain, Balderton, and Royal Canin, are leading the change – and are on the way to becoming Forever Companies. 

Learn how our data-driven platform can help.


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