Breakfast with Sweep: Debunking misconceptions about corporate carbon management

28 June 23Past event
7:30 AM GMT
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Past event
What does the CSRD mean for UK Companies?
Introducing the Climate-Suite

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Join our event on corporate climate action and learn about how to avoid the pitfalls in the transition to a low-carbon economy. While it's true that many large companies have started looking into their carbon footprint, we know that it’s far from an easy task.

To avoid slowing down your progress from intent to climate action you must be cautious about common traps. These include the mistaken beliefs that: 

  • Quick and inexpensive carbon assessments are worthwhile. 

  • Your CSO is the only person responsible for your climate journey.

  • Your suppliers will act on their own emissions.

  • ESG regulations and standards such as CSDR and SFDR don’t concern you. 

Hear from climate experts who will: 

  • Deep dive into the importance of a robust methodology.

  • Show you how to effectively train your stakeholders on sustainability issues. 

  • Highlight the importance of data verification to ensure that your company's carbon assessment is accurate.

  • Outline how you should navigate the evolving ESG compliance landscape.

You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions and speak directly with our experts who can help you find solutions to your company’s climate needs. 

Tom Cumberlege

Director, Value Chain Analysis

Tom leads the Carbon Trust's work on value chain analysis and strategy.

Carbon Trust
Tom Cumberlege

Hannah Clevett

Impact Manager

Hannah is responsible for managing Impact & Sustainability projects that help Wob make a positive difference in the world.

World lof books's logo
Hannah Clevett

Raphael Güller

Cofounder and CDO

Raphael is Sweep's cofounder where he's using his passion for business, psychology, and design to help organizations get on track with ESG.

Sweep's logo
Raphael Güller

Erasmia Kitou

Director Corporate Sustainability

Erasmia is the Director of Corporate Sustainability at Westwing.

Erasmia Kitou
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