Climate Compass

Climate Compass 2022

Mapping our journey to a cleaner future

19 May 22Past event
6:00 PM GMT
Climate Compass
Past event
Replay: Climate Compass 2022, Mapping our journey to a cleaner future

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Every company is on a journey towards a cleaner future. At Sweep, we want to move the conversation from targets to action, championing companies that get it right.

You'll learn all about:

How to empower your business partners to embark on their climate journey

With Isabella Phoenix of HP Amplify Impact and Rachel Delacour of Sweep

The impact that networks have on reducing emissions at scale

With Esther Finidori of Schneider Electric, Christophe Klotz of Nestlé France, Clotilde Quilichini of BNP Paribas and Renaud Bettin of Sweep

Tech or nature-based solutions: what are the different ways of building a contribution strategy?

With Dorothée Pie of Microsol, Boris Spassky of GreenPods and Julie Gosalvez of Climeworks.

Join us for an evening of inspiring climate journeys, collaborative discussions, and innovative solutions.

⁠This event is organized in partnership with HP Amplify Impact.

Rachel Delacour

Cofounder and CEO

Sweep cofounder and CEO Rachel is an award-wining repeat entrepreneur. She cofounded BIME Analytics, which was acquired by US customer service company Zendesk.

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Rachel Delacour

Raphael Güller

Cofounder and CDO

Raphael is Sweep's cofounder where he's using his passion for business, psychology, and design to help organizations get on track with ESG.

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Raphael Güller

Julie Gosalvez

Chief Marketing Officer

Julie is the Chief Marketing Officer of Climeworks, a scale-up developing direct air capture technology.

Renaud Bettin

VP Climate Action & Sales Enablement

As Sweep’s VP Climate Action, Renaud brings to Sweep a decade of experience in the field of carbon offsetting and corporate climate strategy.

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Renaud Bettin

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