Cross Perspectives on CSRD – Key Success Factors

Join EcoAct and Sweep for the webinar 'Cross Perspectives on CSRD - Key Success Factors' on June 11, 2024, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM, focusing on robust sustainability reporting and effective data management for CSRD compliance.
June 11, 24
9:00 AM

Compliance with the CSRD requires specific governance, the collection of numerous data, and the execution of several steps to achieve robust reporting. To facilitate this, EcoAct and Sweep present the key success factors for your CSRD compliance."


  • The synergy of skills, the key to successful sustainable transformation
  • Key success factors for robust sustainability reporting:
    • Comprehensive expertise in environmental issues (climate, biodiversity, pollution, etc.)
    • Effective data management with the right tools
    • A SaaS platform to effectively use these data: Sweep
  • Conclusion: the right support to take action
  • Q&A

"Our experts from EcoAct and Sweep will be available to discuss with you during this webinar:

  • Anne Philipona-Hintzy, Director of Sustainable Transformation at EcoAct
  • Renaud Bettin, VP of Climate Action at Sweep
  • Marine Le Touzé, Head of Data & Partnerships at EcoAct
  • Alexis Flot, Senior Consultant in Sustainable Transformation at EcoAct

Sweep is a platform for managing carbon and ESG data. Its AI-powered, market-leading software helps companies identify and analyze all their extra-financial data and those of their value chain, to meet the growing demands in reporting and to act to achieve their sustainable development goals.

EcoAct is an international consulting and project development company that supports companies, institutions, and territories in placing climate, humanity, and nature at the heart of strategies to foster sustainable transformation of organizations.

Renaud Bettin
Renaud Bettin
VP Climate Action & Sales Enablement
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Anne Philipona-Hintzy
Directrice de la transformation durable chez EcoAct
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Marine Le Touzé
Head of Data & Partnerships chez EcoAct
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Alexis Flot
Consultant senior en transformation durable chez EcoAct