How does CSRD impact UK companies?

5 October 23Past event
10:30 AM GMT
Past event
Replay: How does CSRD impact UK companies?
What does the CSRD mean for UK Companies?
Your guide to CSRD compliance

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At the start of 2023, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) came into force impacting 50,000+ companies operating in the EU. 

The CSRD requires businesses to report on their sustainability performance in a more comprehensive and consistent way, which can be challenging for a number of reasons: 

  • Data collection and management

  • Reporting scope and materiality

  • The high number of stakeholders involved

  • Electronic report submission

In this webinar we’ll cover how this affects UK companies who have: 

1. Listed Securities on an EU regulated market 

2.  An EU Net Turnover over 150 million over the last two years subject to the following  criteria: 
a) EU Subsidiary

b) EU Branch 

It’s important that UK companies have the right tools to support their reporting as they risk fines if upcoming deadlines are missed. 

Want to make sure you’re compliant?

Join us to find out all you need to know – including the timeline for implementation, the data you need to prepare, and where to report. 

Raphael Güller

Cofounder and CDO

Raphael is Sweep's cofounder where he's using his passion for business, psychology, and design to help organizations get on track with ESG.

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Raphael Güller

Adam Finch

Solutions Engineer

Adam is an ESG expert, whose work involves understanding the complex requirements of large companies and how Sweep's solution can help them deliver a successful sustainability strategy.

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Adam Finch

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