What’s the latest in sustainability reporting? Recent developments and emerging connections

Join Sweep and Quantis for this webinar on the 31st July to stay ahead of the latest sustainability reporting frameworks and learn about key updates and latest trends.
July 31, 24
1:00 PM

Stay ahead of the curve in sustainability reporting with our latest webinar. This session will delve into the dynamic landscape of sustainability reporting, highlighting key updates and the latest trends. 

We’ll explore how recent regulatory changes and evolving frameworks are shaping corporate sustainability practices. Additionally, we’ll discuss the emerging connections between major reporting standards, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and how nailing your CDP reporting through streamlined data management will put your company in a strong position for CSRD reporting. 

What you’ll get from this webinar:

  • Introduction to CDP and CSRD: Understand the foundations and objectives of these two critical sustainability reporting frameworks.
  • Harmonization of Standards: Learn about the ongoing efforts to harmonize CDP and CSRD reporting standards through alignment on standards such as ESRS, making it easier for companies to comply and for stakeholders to compare data.
  • Benefits for Companies: Discover how aligning with both CDP and CSRD can enhance your organization’s sustainability strategy, improve investor confidence, and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Practical Implementation: Get practical insights and best practices for streamlining your Carbon and ESG reporting to help improve your CDP and CSRD reporting.
Rachel Delacour
CEO and Co-founder
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Felicity Box
Solutions Engineer and ESG Specialist
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Haseena Charania
Senior Sustainability Consultant
Marco Occhipinti
Senior Strategist

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