Harnessing the power of ESG

How robust Environmental, Social, and Governance tracking creates value

ESG white paper sweep
Marie-Anne VincentVP Strategy & Regulatory
Cecile BussyPR & Communications
21 June 2023

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • How robust ESG tracking can help build a resilient portfolio and investment strategy 
  • Best practices and insights from investors who are leading the way in ESG tracking

  • Why ESG data are key to achieving financial performance and positive impact 

New sustainability reporting regulations are a first step to solving the lack of transparency and accuracy associated with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance measurement. They require investors to sift through data sets and acknowledge the environmental and social impacts of their investment portfolios. But there’s an even bigger opportunity at stake.

Robust ESG tracking not only provides valuable insights to support the growth of portfolio companies – it also helps identify market gaps and new investment opportunities.

At Sweep, we believe ESG tracking shouldn’t just tick the “compliance box.” It’s a key part of any decision-making in the investment process – whether it's due diligence or portfolio’s performance tracking.

This white paper explains how the wealth of information coming from ESG reporting contributes to building a more resilient and competitive investment strategy. It can also support private market actors to thrive in the future low-carbon economy.


ESG White Paper


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