Replay: Turn contributions into your climate strategy's biggest asset

21 June 2023

Contribute. The word is now on everyone's lips.

Beyond the semantic shift, contributing to carbon neutrality brings with it a change in mindset and software.

However, this evolution has not been accompanied by the necessary deconstruction of the fundamentals of carbon offsetting and a broadening of the means to contribute.

At a time when many companies are questioning the issue of contribution, and key players such as the Gold Standard are positioning themselves on the subject, Sweep took a stand by publishing a white paper in January 2023 proposing an alternative method to the traditional use of carbon credits.

The aim of this webinar is to take a closer look at this innovative approach to contribution and answer the many questions it raises.

Join our expert panel Laura Beaulier, CEO, Climate Dividends Association, Owen Hewlett, Chief Technical Officer, The Gold Standard Foundation and Sébastien Duprat, CEO de Cycle Up to learn how to:

  • Use carbon credits to increase the impact of your climate strategy

  • Embrace new forms of contribution and make them the main strength of your climate strategy

  • Break free of your vision of carbon neutrality (spoiler: it doesn't exist at company scale)


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