Replay: Why CPOs are the new climate leaders

Supply Chain
25 April 2023

Did you know that an average CPO holds 80% of their company’s carbon footprint in their pocket? That’s why they're essential to achieving carbon targets. This session will explore the role of the CPO in harnessing digital tools to mobilise your entire supply chain.

  • The role of the CPO in the Climate Suite a.k.a The Climate Action Dream Team
  • Understanding the common challenges faced by procurement professionals when measuring your carbon footprint
  • The role of data-driven technology in equipping procurement teams with the tools needed to succeed in reaching climate


  • Renaud Bettin, VP of Climate Action, Sweep
  • Ton Geurts, Practice Lead of Sustainability & Circularity, XIMPAX and former CPO
  • Tom Cumberlege, Director, The Carbon Trust

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