Sweep's Decarbonization Strategy Guide

Rachel DelacourCofounder and CEO
29 February 2024

Our guide will support you to:

  • Lay the groundwork for carbon measurement
  • Set realistic targets
  • Identify the key decarbonization levers for your business
  • Leverage deep insights and model reduction pathways
  • Track the effectiveness of your reduction initiatives
  • Report your progress
  • Comply with key regulations


In the face of global warming and climate change, businesses find themselves at the forefront of a critical challenge: reducing carbon emissions. This urgent problem demands proactive measures across all sectors of society, from individuals to governments, non-governmental organizations to the business realm. For companies, the task is monumental – meeting the ambitious targets of the Paris Agreement, halving emissions by 2030, and achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

However, despite many companies having established their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory and initiated carbon accounting, the pivotal question remains: how can they develop an impactful yet realistic decarbonization strategy that resonates with investors, customers, and other key stakeholders? 

As pressure mounts to take immediate and meaningful steps, the complexity of crafting a strategy that not only meets environmental goals but aligns with business objectives can be overwhelming. 

Our guide is here to support you. We’ll cover: 

  • Identifying carbon hotspots in your value chain
  • Mapping the key decarbonization levers for your business
  • Selecting the right tools to model your decarbonization trajectory
  • Impactful reporting of your progress to stakeholders
  • The role of contributions

We’ll also show you how Sweep can support you not just in your carbon accounting, but also with creating and implementing a targeted reduction strategy that is tailored to your business. 


Sweep's Decarbonization Strategy Guide


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