Sweep and 3Degrees join forces to help organizations build a credible climate strategy that makes business sense

Cecile BussyPR & Communications
01 March 2023

The partnership will empower organizations with carbon insights so they can act on their operation and value chain emissions while addressing market demands.

To kick start B Corp month, Sweep, the leading carbon management and reduction platform and 3Degrees, a leader in global climate solutions, are joining forces to help organizations effectively implement meaningful emission reductions that align with their climate and business goals.

With Sweep, companies can measure and track carbon data in real-time, set reduction targets, and simulate decarbonization initiatives – while engaging all the stakeholders contributing to their global footprint. 3Degrees' expert consulting services support them to seamlessly onboard the platform, develop emission reduction roadmaps, and access renewable energy and decarbonization tools. That’s how they can immediately address global value chain emissions and achieve near-and-long-term climate targets.

Our partnership with 3Degrees showcases the power of collaboration in accelerating climate action. Armed with a software platform and consulting expertise, organizations can streamline their carbon management work and build a climate strategy that aligns with their business goals, industry demands, and their digital transformation needs. That’s how we can collectively make a real difference and drive cross-sector decarbonization,” says Rachel Delacour, CEO and Founder at Sweep.  

3Degrees helps organizations achieve renewable energy and decarbonization goals. The team has deep expertise in sustainability consulting, environmental markets, renewable energy and carbon project development, transportation decarbonization solutions, and utility renewable energy programs. Together with their customers including global Fortune 500 companies, they develop and implement creative solutions that ensure environmental integrity and make good business sense. 

“Organizations, especially those with a vast portfolio of international assets or facilities, are becoming increasingly aware of the need to adopt a standardized climate technology solution,” says Scott Martin, Vice President and Head of Global Commercial Business at 3Degrees. “Partnerships like this one allow businesses to unlock valuable emissions data insights, build comprehensive reduction plans, and implement solutions that result in meaningful emission reductions.”

The announcement follows the launch of Sweep for Supply Chain, a solution designed to support businesses in addressing supply chain emissions. It helps companies efficiently collect data from their suppliers to get a complete view of their indirect Scope 3 emissions – and to use this data to identify supply-chain-related risks and opportunities. Find out more

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