C2S Bouygues and Sweep join forces to decarbonize businesses

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May 30, 2024

Businesses across sectors are increasingly challenged to accelerate their ecological transition, which is why understanding and managing carbon emissions has become key. Thanks to increasingly reliable and precise methods, the concept of carbon accounting is now tangible for any company, whether it be a large corporation, or an SME eager to anchor itself in a more sustainable economy.

As carbon accounting is a complex process, it is essential to equip oneself with the right digital tools. C2S Bouygues has chosen Sweep to support its clients in their data collection and reporting initiatives. Through the partnership, it aims to strengthen its advisory position with clients to define their carbon trajectory, from optimizing emissions to meeting the requirements of all stakeholders.

This combination of expertise in digital transformation from the Bouygues Group and Sweep, the market-leading carbon accounting solution, serves the growing desire of companies to accelerate the reduction of their CO2 emissions.

With its dual expertise in digital transformation and carbon accounting, C2S Bouygues offers its clients effective support in configuring the Sweep solution, integrating carbon data histories, and creating dashboards to facilitate reporting.

In the near future, companies will be increasingly impacted by CSR regulations, stimulated by the CSRD directive. The CSRD requires increased efforts from companies in managing carbon emissions.

"The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires a high level of expertise in processing non-financial information. Companies must not only be accountable but also navigate trajectories that engage them with their stakeholders. We're very happy about the partnership between Sweep, a specialist in carbon and ESG strategy data, and C2S, the leading integrator of software solutions in the digital environment of the Bouygues Group." – says Fabrice Bonnifet, Director of Sustainable Development & Quality, Safety, Environment at Bouygues Group

"The market is very complex for carbon trajectory management solutions, with many options. C2S Bouygues, with its solid knowledge of the software market, guided us in choosing the right tool. Our choice was the Sweep solution, and C2S Bouygues integrated it into our system. We now use Sweep to manage our trajectories. Before, we spent our time collecting data and reporting, instead of decarbonizing. Today, thanks to the tool, that is no longer a problem. We are focused on concrete actions, and we've freed up time for teams dealing with data reporting. Sweep also helps us accelerate and ensure the reliability of the decarbonization process." – says Arthur Pasquier, Climate Coordinator at Bouygues Group

"In the face of these changes, it becomes crucial for organizations of all sizes to quickly take control of their carbon footprints to determine a strategy in compliance with regulations. Anticipating these developments will gradually become imperative for maintaining competitiveness, strengthening brand reputation, and actively contributing to the fight against climate change. As digital professionals, citizens, and businesses, we have a duty to provide advice and support on the design and deployment of solutions." – says François Darbandi, General Manager at C2S Bouygues

"As major contributors to climate change, companies have a significant responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint. Just as they had to revise their technological strategy to manage financial data several decades ago, it is essential that they quickly initiate the same movement for the non-financial aspects of their operations. This involves equipping oneself with the right tools, and this partnership between C2S Bouygues and Sweep addresses this crucial need." – says Rachel Delacour, CEO and Co-founder of SWEEP

About C2S Bouygues

C2S Bouygues has been the Digital Services Company (ESN) of the Bouygues Group for over 30 years. Specialized in the design, development, and integration of new technologies, C2S Bouygues accompanies clients from various sectors who trust us for our pragmatism and guiding values. Committed to the responsible and ethical use of digital tools, C2S Bouygues is a signatory of the Responsible Digital Charter. For more information, visit c2s-bouygues.com.

About Sweep

Sweep is the all-in-one data platform to help organizations manage their carbon and ESG data – from mapping to measuring, reducing to reporting and driving decarbonization action plans. It’s the enterprise-ready solution that helps companies scale climate action across teams, supply chains, and investment portfolios, quickly and cost-effectively. 

Cofounded by Rachel Delacour, Yannick Chaze and Raphael Gueller, Sweep is B Corp certified and a member of the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, France Invest, and The International Emissions Trading Association. It was selected to join FrenchTech Next 120/40 program and was named “Europe’s fastest growing scale up” by Financial Times’ Sifted. 

Sweep can help

Sweep is a carbon and ESG management platform that empowers businesses to meet their sustainability goals.

Using our platform, you can:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your carbon footprint.
  • Get a real-time overview of your supply chain and ensure that your suppliers meet your sustainability targets.
  • Reach full compliance with the CSRD and other key ESG legislation in a matter of weeks.
  • Ensure your sustainability information is reliable by having it verified by a third party before going public.

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