On financed emissions, Sweep ranks among the top 5 global software vendors : Verdantix

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May 17, 2024

Respected research and advisory firm Verdantix has listed Sweep among the top 5 software vendors globally, in its new ‘Smart Innovators: Financed Emissions Management’ report.

The report highlights Sweep’s powerful sustainability data management platform on several points, including:

  • excellent performance in gathering more granular data from private businesses, through direct engagement
  • Sweep’s use of AI for data mapping
  • helping financial services firms drive investee reporting of their emissions through targeted tasks and surveys
  • providing tools to set up emission reduction plans (abatement strategies) and track how well invested organizations are both progressing towards those goals, and aligning with net zero targets
  • offering a platform where users can visualize the impact of different investment decisions on their portfolios, over time and under changing conditions, by isolating variables, and testing different policy scenarios, such as different types or levels of carbon taxes

Verdantix underscores that, as financial institutions work to align with global sustainability commitments, are increasingly required to undertake the complex task of managing their financed emissions, which brings challenges of data collection, estimation and comparability, as well as increased focus on avoiding greenwashing. 

The report is aimed at helping financial institutions select the most appropriate tools to integrate emissions data into their investment decisions, thus contributing to the objective of achieving net zero targets. 

How Sweep can help

With Sweep, you can: 

Easily gather all your financed emissions data in one place.

Track and monitor carbon metrics among your portfolio companies.

Set collaborative, strategic sustainability targets.

Comply with SFDR and many other standards in weeks, not months.

Share education resources from our Sweep School on a wealth of sustainability topics. 

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Sweep can help

Sweep is a carbon and ESG management platform that empowers businesses to meet their sustainability goals.

Using our platform, you can:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your carbon footprint.
  • Get a real-time overview of your supply chain and ensure that your suppliers meet your sustainability targets.
  • Reach full compliance with the CSRD and other key ESG legislation in a matter of weeks.
  • Ensure your sustainability information is reliable by having it verified by a third party before going public.

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