Sweep and ecoinvent partner to facilitate the data-driven assessment of corporate carbon footprints

ecoinvent sweep partnership
Cecile BussyPR & Communications
17 March 2023

We’re delighted to officially announce our work with ecoinvent, providing our clients with the most accurate climate data and enabling them to accurately calculate their carbon footprint. This showcases the power of digital technology to help large organizations streamline their complex decarbonization journeys.

For a company to calculate the carbon footprint of a product, they need to look at the emissions generated at every stage from "cradle to grave." This is also called a life cycle assessment (LCA). In the case of chocolate, this means looking into how much greenhouse gas emissions come from cocoa from the moment it’s picked, transported, transformed into a finished chocolate bar, and disposed of by consumers. 

Since emission data aren’t always available or need regular updating, the sourcing and verification work of ecoinvent is essential to help organizations precisely measure carbon emissions across their value chain. 

“We’re proud to give every Sweep user access to ecoinvent’s database as a Premium feature of our service. This is key to assessing the climate impact of a product throughout its entire lifecycle, from material sourcing to end-of-life recycling to then being able to strategically reduce its footprint,” says Rachel Delacour, our CEO and cofounder. 

“This partnership with Sweep is in line with our mission to empower industry leaders with lifecycle assessment data. Digital partners like Sweep are powerful enablers to help organizations accelerate their decarbonization efforts and lower their environmental footprint,” says Nickolas Meyer, CEO of ecoinvent.

Based in Switzerland, ecoinvent is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the availability of environmental data worldwide. It manages one of the world’s leading lifecycle inventory databases, which includes country-specific and emission data for different sectors, such as food & agriculture, minerals, and metals, organic and inorganic chemicals, and renewable energies. 

From there, companies can use Sweep’s powerful analytics to streamline the data analysis and get an accurate overview of their carbon footprint, by product, country of operations, or however best fits their organizational structure. 

Find out how Sweep can help you build a personalized carbon assessment.

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