Sweep partners with AWS to drive efficient ESG data management for businesses

Ewa JozefkowiczContent Marketing Manager
17 November 2023

Sweep, the carbon and ESG management platform, along with AWS, the international provider of comprehensive cloud solutions, have joined forces to provide companies with highly efficient and streamlined ESG data collection processes.

Comprehensive ESG solution leveraging AWS

Sweep's ESG management platform, in collaboration with AWS, delivers a comprehensive solution for businesses. It is focussed on supporting them to navigate the complexities of ESG data management. By leveraging AWS, Sweep ensures the seamless management of core infrastructure, data ingestion, databases, and compute workloads, utilizing services such as Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) for deploying, managing, and scaling applications.

Speed to market and compliance

Victor Hiairrassary, Principal Engineer at Sweep, emphasizes the significance of AWS in meeting critical requirements related to compliance, backups, and disaster recovery. This has enabled Sweep to overcome hurdles and efficiently provide its ESG solution to enterprise clients.

He says: “Using AWS, we remove the need to manage and operate the whole infrastructure. We can instead focus on projects that add value for our customers as we work toward our mission: building a sustainable future.”

Efficiency savings for clients

Sweep's use of AWS extends beyond technical advantages; it translates into tangible benefits for clients. For instance, businesses that previously relied on manual processes, such as using spreadsheets for carbon footprint data, now experience significant efficiency gains. By automating and streamlining data collection through AWS, Sweep's clients save valuable resources and cut data collection time by 50 percent. This time-saving allows them to redirect efforts towards auditing and reporting processes, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations outlined in the AWS Shared Responsibility Model.

Driving carbon reduction strategies

Aligned with AWS's commitment to achieving net-zero carbon by 2040, Sweep uses AWS to empower clients with granular data insights and audit-ready reports, facilitating the implementation of effective carbon reduction initiatives. Over 70 percent of Sweep's clients have successfully implemented such initiatives at scale, with more than 60 percent conducting monthly carbon footprint assessments across their businesses. The platform currently manages over 60 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, highlighting the real-world impact of this collaboration.


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