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We partner with organizations that support our mission and help businesses track and reduce their carbon footprint. So we can all become Forever Companies.

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Become one of our partners and get equipped with the latest training and materials, and tap into opportunities to grow your business. 

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Solution partners

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Our solution partners help implement our solution and deliver complementary services to ensure that our customers successfully adopt and deploy Sweep within their company.

Sustainability experts

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Our sustainability experts support customers to make full use of our platform, through dedicated training courses and implementation. They can also support with contribution projects. 

Technology partners

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Our technology partners improve the Sweep experience by extending the functionality of Sweep with additional features or third party applications.

Finance experts

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Sustainable finance experts support customers in the Finance sector to make full use of our platform, through dedicated training courses and implementation.

Coalitions partner

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Sweep partners and engage with global networks that help scale meaningful climate action.

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Become a partner and help businesses track and reduce their carbon footprint – so they can become Forever Companies.

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Sustainability expert

Capgemini’s sustainability framework helps speed up each stage of the net zero journey. First, we support you in defining and committing to a net zero strategy, including design-related transformation, and business model adaptation. Second, we help you act, to design sustainable operations, products, and services. And third, we enable you to monitor and report, generating insights that allow you to continually adjust your strategy.

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Sustainability expert

EcoAct, an Atos company, is an international consulting firm specialised in climate strategy and offset project development that supports companies, organizations, institutions and territories in order to offer them the most efficient and complete range of solutions possible to effectively meet the challenges of climate change. EcoAct also supports its clients on a daily basis in the implementation of digital platforms for measuring the environmental footprint and monitoring indicators.”

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Sustainability expert

I Care by BearingPoint is a leader in impact-driven transformation and BearingPoint’s center of expertise for sustainable development. From strategy to implementation, its experts deliver holistic transition solutions combining technical expertise with business transformation know-how.

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Sustainability expert

3Degrees is a leading global climate solutions provider and Certified B Corporation. We offer impactful climate solutions that help our clients achieve their climate goals and advance an equitable transition to the low-carbon future. Services include Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) transactions, long-term renewable energy procurement, carbon credit portfolio management, transportation decarbonization, and advisory services like goal setting, education, supply chain engagement, and more.

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Nexio Projects
Sustainability expert

Nexio Projects helps organisations reach their sustainability ambitions. Through an incremental approach, their team of engineers, environmental scientists and consultants help you understand where you are and where you need to go. Services range from ESG rating support to strategy and reporting.

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Climate Vault
Sustainability expert

Climate Vault has taken the guesswork out of offsets and developed an effective way to achieve net zero and support carbon removal technologies. With your support, the Climate Vault approach leverages existing offset markets to help you have an effective impact today, not years or decades down the line. Climate Vault is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

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Sustainability expert

Based in Switzerland, ecoinvent is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the availability of environmental data worldwide. It manages one of the world’s leading lifecycle inventory databases, which includes country-specific and emission data for different sectors, such as food & agriculture, minerals, and metals, organic and inorganic chemicals, and renewable energies.

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Sustainability expert

Founded in 2011, Ecochain has one mission: Empowering companies to make an ongoing sustainable impact on our planet. They do that by making environmental footprints of product(s) and production processes accessible. Because as they say in Dutch: “Meten is weten” – to measure means to understand. Understanding your environmental footprint is the first step to reducing it efficiently.

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Together we’re creating a world where carbon is a creative force.

Together we’re creating a world where carbon is a creative force.

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