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June 2023

Find out about Sweep's B-Corp and Société à Mission status, and our dedicated CSR program.

​​At Sweep, we firmly believe that companies can grow, generate profit, and simultaneously make a profoundly positive impact. From day one, we have integrated these principles into our very DNA, becoming a "Société à Mission" under French Law and achieving "B-Corp" certification. Our values and principles are designed to ensure that our business operates in a socially responsible manner, promoting sustainable development and prioritizing our principal stakeholders: customers, providers, employees, shareholders, investors, and community groups.

Société à Mission

Choosing to be an Enterprise à Mission means we’re legally required to act on our mission. We have an external committee who advise us, acting as a scout, a stimulus, and sometimes a safeguard. They make sure we’re on track for our mission - working towards environmental KPIs. Find below all the relevant reports of our Committee and our auditor.

Rapport de mission 2022 
Rapport de l’OTI suite à l’audit de 2022

Rapport de mission 2023 ( Rapport de mission Sweep 2023 FINAL)

Rapport de l’OTI suite à l’audit 2024 ( coming soon)
Rapport de mission 2024 (coming soon)


Sweep is part of the BCorp Community. It’s an extra check to ensure that we operate in a way that best benefits our team, our community and the planet. We’re proud to be involved in a forward-thinking business community with the likes of PatagoniaDanone and WeTransfer.

Together, we are using business as a ‘force for good.’ It’s the only way forward to manage the climate crisis on our hands.

Sweep Forever

Through our dedicated CSR program, "Sweep Forever," we are committed to setting ambitious goals and objectives within defined timeframes. We proactively implement initiatives that have a positive impact, striving to be the change we want to see in the world. With a steadfast focus on sustainability, we actively contribute to building a better future for all.



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