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Sweep for HP Amplify Impact

Everything you need to measure your carbon footprint and set up your action plan

Sweep is the HP-recommended tool for Amplify Impact Partners to establish their carbon footprint and ongoing action plan. For Amplify Impact Changemakers Sweep is the recommended partner to develop the ‘measure carbon footprint‘ initiative within their sustainability plan.

Here you can learn more about how to use Sweep for your climate goals, and how to get started. Thanks so much for investing in creating a better business, and a better future.

Rachel and Raphael, Sweep co-founders

Why do a carbon footprint?

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint establishes the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by the activities of your organisation's business activity. As global warming accelerates and the pressure rises on companies to help reduce emissions, this is becoming a key tool for you to run a sustainable and successful business.

Why do one now?

  • Your stakeholders expect you to. From your customers to your staff, they all expect you to know how much you pollute and reduce your planetary impact.
  • You could save money. If you know where you use the most energy for example, you can reduce your emissions and lower your costs at the same time.
  • Soon, you might have to do it. Legislation is catching up and making it mandatory for businesses around the world to measure their carbon emissions

Why do it with Sweep?

SweepTraditional carbon footprint
QuickerGet started right away and create a first footprint in daysOften requires several months of consulting work
DynamicAutomation allows for day-to-day insights and progress trackingStatic snapshot of your carbon emissions gives a limited picture
ActionableScenarios and initiatives make it easy to identify and track emission reductionsAggregate numbers make it hard to understand what actions to take
AccessibleEasy-to-use and engaging software, accessible from any browserSpreadsheets and decks on someone’s hard drive
CollaborativePowerful collaboration and governance options help assign and track tasksOne person in charge of filling in a spreadsheet
ValueTransparent monthly pricing, starting at US$167Usually cost US$ 10,000 upwards

Why Sweep?

You can run your whole climate journey on the Sweep platform. From smart reduction initiatives to contributions to climate solutions in our integrated marketplace and communicating your progress to stakeholders, we’ve got you covered.

  • Create a best-in-class footprint, set internationally recognised targets, develop actionable reduction initiatives, and contribute to carbon offset projects.
  • Use modern software that is a joy to use and allows you to engage your whole company with advanced collaboration and tracking features.
  • Engage your value chain to also tackle your indirect emissions across company borders. It’s the hardest (yet most substantial) part of your carbon footprint.
  • Analyse and report on your progress with advanced dashboards and communication features, helping you create investor grade reports and engage stakeholders.
  • Save on consulting money and man hours through automation. And thanks to HP Amplify Impact, you get an extra discount on the standard Sweep price. See below.

Organise & connect
Measure & ​reduce ​
Contribute & communicate ​

🌳 Map your business: From ​brands to products, divisions to locations, Sweep adjusts to you.​

🤝 Connect with suppliers: Engage your network and exchange carbon data easily and securely. ​

🔬 Measure for real: Manage your complete, up-to-date carbon emission data. All scopes!​

🎯 Create change: Set science-​based targets, model scenarios, and collaborate on initiatives.​

🌱 Contribute smartly: Fintech-inspired tools make customised, on-target climate contributions easy.​

🎙 Report automatically: Release investor-grade reports and create engaging content.​

To learn more click here to see all the Sweep features, or watch this video for a whirlwind tour of the tool.

How does Sweep help HP Amplify Impact partners?

Sweep is available for all HP Amplify Impact partners. For HP Changemakers, it is a specific initiative in their Sustainability Plan in the Planet section. For them, the minimum requirement is to (1) complete a carbon footprint analysis and (2) set a reduction goal. You can do both in Sweep.

  1. Carbon footprint analysis: ‘Measure’ in Sweep allows you to track your business activity and understand how much greenhouse gas that activity emits. Sweep will automatically generate a carbon footprint report compliant with the latest standards.
  2. Set a reduction goal: With ‘Targets’ in Sweep, it’s easy to set carbon reduction targets that are compliant with the latest science, and track your progress against them.

Once you’ve completed your footprint and set your targets, you can download a report from Sweep, which you can then submit via the HP Amplify Impact portal as proof of execution.

What does it cost?

HP Amplify Impact partners get a healthy discount to get access to all the features in the Sweep software, with some extra goodies thrown on top.

Discounted yearly subscription

  • Base plan for a year at US$1999/year (instead of US$3000/year). Includes 5 seats.
  • Growth plan for a year at US$7999/year (instead of US$11,400/year). Includes 20 seats.

For European partners :

  • Base plan for a year at EUR€1799/year (instead of EUR2699/year). Includes 5 seats.
  • Growth plan for a year at EUR€7140/year (instead of EUR10200/year). Includes 20 seats.

The yearly subscription can also be paid in monthly instalments.

Extra benefits

  • Product is set-up to fulfil the Changemaker “measure carbon footprint” initiative and deliver a carbon action plan
  • Onboarding webinars and dedicated documentation
  • Priority product support, with a first response guaranteed within 24h during business days
  • APIs are included
  • Up to 3 hours of carbon consulting

Compare to the usual Sweep pricing here.


How long does it take to implement the Sweep carbon footprint and action plan?

Like all carbon footprint projects, there is an intensive data collection element, so we estimate 5-10 days to collect the data and move it into Sweep. This depends on the size of your company, what data you have readily available, and how much can be automated with your existing systems.

Who on my team should be in charge of this?

You decide. Some companies have dedicated staff for carbon management, while in others the CSR department is in charge, or it falls under finance (where they already do financial accounting and have a lot of the numbers already to hand). In the end, what’s most important is that whoever manages it has the bandwidth and the access to the right people and systems to gather the necessary data.

What kind of data do I need to create a carbon footprint?

Sweep will ask you for a wide range of business data, including information from your operations (boilers, trucks, chemical reactions, waste, air conditioning, fridges etc.) and your energy consumption (electricity, heating, etc.). The table below gives you a snapshot of what data is needed for a state of the art footprint.

Scope 1

  • Fuel combustion in fixed sources (e.g boilers)
  • Fuel combustion in mobile sources (e.g. trucks)
  • Emissions from industrial processes (e.g. chemical reaction, waste management)
  • Refrigerant fluid leakage (e.g. air conditioning, fridges)
  • Direct land use change due to your organisation’s activities (e.g. arable land converted to parking)

Scope 2

  • Energy consumed (e.g. coal, solar, renewable)

Scope 3 (optional)

  • Distance covered by staff (e.g. commuting, business travel)
  • Weight & distance covered by goods procured
  • Quantity of raw material & parts procured by your organisation

How secure is my information?

Sweep is built with the security requirements of enterprise companies in mind. From single-sign on to state of the art security, you’re in control of who accesses your data and who you share it with. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

Can I automate data collection?

Sweep is all about making data collection easy, whether it’s entering it manually or adding it automatically. Your developers can connect Sweep to your systems with our powerful suite of APIs. And we’re constantly adding new integrations, like our cloud connector, that allows you to calculate emission from your cloud services like AWS or Azure automatically.

What if I don’t have access to a specific data point?

In short: Get all the data you can, but don’t worry if some is missing at the start. The tool can help you create estimates for business activity where you have little or inaccurate data. However, the more granular your information, the easier it will be to reduce your footprint, because Sweep will help you identify exactly where most emissions come from, and can help understand how to reduce them.

How do I start my carbon footprint from scratch on Sweep?

You don't know exactly where to start? The kick-start survey is here to help you build a first footprint from scratch. Once you have created your account, you will have access to the survey. With your answers, Sweep will then automatically generate a first footprint that accounts for your direct emissions, and guide you how to go deeper from there.

Can I integrate an existing carbon footprint in Sweep?

Yes. If you have previously calculated your footprint, you can easily integrate that in Sweep to analyze your progression towards your targets over time.

In the Measure section, you can either integrate your existing footprint manually or by importing a file with your activity data. You will find all the guidance needed in our documentation. You can also contact our carbon team for a demo or some support.

I'm a large enterprise customer with distributed teams and complex data systems, can you still help me?

Yes! Sweep is particularly powerful for larger organisations, who can benefit from powerful data automation, a host of enterprise features (such as permission workflows or sub-accounts), and additional support resources from our teams. Get in touch via hp@sweep.net and we can talk you through how we can help.

I'm a large enterprise customer with different needs, will I pay the same amount and have access to the same features?

Sweep offers a discount on our base plan for HP Amplify Impact partners. For larger companies that might need more seats, require more complex data automation, or need custom emission factors, our team can create a bespoke proposal to make sure you get the most out of your climate programme.

What languages is Sweep available in?

Right now, Sweep is available in English only. We’ll be adding more languages later this year.

How much does Sweep cost?

Sweep is a monthly subscription. HP Amplify Impact partners get a discount by signing up via the link below and dropping us a note to hp@sweep.net.

How do I pay for Sweep?

We accept most credit cards and we can support invoicing as well as IBAN.

Will I need to install software?

Sweep’s software platform lives in the cloud so all you need is an internet connection and a modern browser (such as Chrome, Safari or Edge). No installations or plugins required. Just sign up and get started right away.

More questions?

Drop us a note at hp@sweep.net. We’re here to help.

How do you get started?

  • Create an account in Sweep. It takes 2 minutes and can be done via this link. 👉
  • Send an email to hp@sweep.net to confirm your account creation and to schedule an onboarding call with the Sweep team.
  • Make sure to activate your changemaker goal in the HP Amplify portal

Thanks so much for interest in Sweep, and for being a Changemaker. We can't wait to see you in Sweep.

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