Funding nature: a guide for investors

Marie-Anne VincentVP Strategy & Regulatory
Antoine VallierBiodiversity footprint expert
17 August 2023

This guide covers:

  • Why climate and biodiversity are two sides of the same coin.
  • Why protecting biodiversity is economically beneficial.
  • How to measure a biodiversity footprint.
  • How to close the biodiversity finance gap.

The Earth's natural ecosystems are facing an unprecedented threat as a result of human activities. The delicate balance of nature is being disrupted at an alarming rate, leading to a significant decline in global biodiversity. To combat the alarming loss of biodiversity and protect our natural heritage for future generations, it has become imperative to explore innovative and sustainable financing mechanisms. 

Within this guide, we will explore the intricate web of challenges and opportunities in financing nature preservation. We will delve into the critical role of investors in preserving biodiversity, the emergence of conservation finance mechanisms, and the new biodiversity frameworks that are emerging. We believe that by unlocking the power of finance, we can create a sustainable pathway towards a future where nature thrives.


Funding Nature – A Guide for Investors

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